Softest Bamboo Towels

Bamboo towels are made of the most excellent quality 30% cotton and 70% bamboo fibers by our women artisans. Bamboo fiber is as soft as silk, antibacterial, and UV protective. Its ultimate breathability keeps you comfortable and dry. It is three times more absorbent than regular fabrics. 

Bamboo peshtemal is one of our top selling and premium quality product with their oriental handmade designs and amazing colors. We work with a few families of artisans in Turkey who have been in the textile industry for more than five generations. Handmade designs are done by the traditional woodblock printing method by women, and each tassel on our towels is knotted by hand. Can you imagine the time and effort given for one peshtemal?!

Bamboo peshtemals are perfect as a hammam, spa, or pool towel and silky soft as a sarong, scarf, and shawl.  You will experience an exclusive, limited beauty.