Turkish Towel


Most of the classical terry towels are only soft and absorbent for a purchase. After a few times of washing, they become stiff and rough. On the contrary, traditional Turkish peshtemal towels become softer and comfier after every wash. We have two different types of peshtemals; one is made of 100% cotton, the other is made of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton blend. On 100% cotton peshtemals we have a wide variety of color options and different thicknesses. They are versatile, which you can use as a towel, scarf, sarong, shawl, blanket, or throw. Our bamboo peshtemals are all hand made by traditional woodblock printing techniques by women artisans in Turkey. Local women knot each tassel.

All are Oeko-Tex certified means free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use. Bamboo fibers carry the antibacterial feature, so they`re good for hygiene. They all come from sustainable resources and are, thus, friendly to the environment. When we compare both types of peshtemals, bamboo peshtemal is thinner and softer, cotton peshtemals are more durable and have a wider variety of colors and designs. But the most important thing is, they all are made of the highest quality natural fibers with fabulous designs and colors, and the rest is up to you!