What is Peshtemal / Turkish Towel?

Turkish peshtemal is a traditional Turkish towel used in hammams and baths for more than seven hundred years. One of the most crucial differences from classical thick towels is its softness. While peshtemal is getting softer after every wash, the terry towel becomes hard and stiff. Peshtemal is much more thinner, and it weighs 70% less than a regular towel. It absorbs water very well, due to its unique weaving technique and dries three times faster than thick towels. Peshtemals are versatile that can be used as a shawl, scarf, sarong, throw, and travel blanket. Some of our collection is handmade with traditional wood-block printing method by local artisans. When you switch to Turkish towels, you will witness how quickly they dry, never have a mildew smell, make a beautiful and big beach spread. It occupies minimum space, making it ideal for your trip. Enjoy and share your experiences with us @theturkishtouch.