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Before buying a baby duvet you need to know the following; 

  • Quality: Your baby cot duvet should be of premium quality. The duvet material should be made from soft and comfortable microfiber which is hypoallergenic. 
  • Washable: You should be able to easily wash soiled and dirty duvets. This should be done either by hand or machine wash. 
  • Quick dry: Good duvets should exhibit quick drying properties. 
  • Temperature adaptable: Baby cot duvets should be made from temperature adaptable material. You should be able to use the duvet in both warm and cold weather. The duvet should not make your baby sweat while also protecting him or her from cold. 
  • Durability: Your baby cot duvet should be durable. The material, treading, stitching, and colours should remain intact even after an extended period of use. Affordable: The baby filling duvet available to you should be affordable. You do not need to spend a fortune to get good quality baby cot duvets.

The best duvet for your baby should be one that… 

  • is made from microfiber material which is good for allergy sufferers as it is hypoallergenic. 
  • is soft, smooth, and comfortable. 
  • is highly hygienic. 
  • is breathable. 
  • is lightweight.
  • is highly washable. 
  • offers quick drying properties. 
  • does not need ironing. 
  • will not cause your baby to sweat.
To avoid the risk of suffocation, you should wait until your infant is 18 months old before getting a duvet for its cot.

You can know if your baby cot duvet is of good quality if… 

  • The duvet is made from hypoallergenic microfiber material. 
  • It is smooth, soft, silky, and cozy. 
  • It is lightweight. 
  • The duvet is highly washable. 
  • It dries quickly after washing. 
  • It is hygienic and does not allow microorganisms like black mold to grow in its fibers. 
  • It does not need ironing after washing. 
  • The duvet is thin and breathable and does not cause your baby to sweat. 
  • It protects your infant from the cold.

If you want a top-notch baby microfiber duvet, you can get one from The Turkish Touch online store today. The Turkish Touch offers premium quality quilted microfiber baby cot duvets that are made in Turkey. 

These affordable duvets are breathable, hypoallergenic, lightweight, hygienic, washable, and quick drying.

The prices of baby duvet/fillings depend on their size and the material used in their production.
If you are residing in Dubai, UAE, you can order for an affordable nursery bedding duvet online today from The Turkish Touch. Buying a duvet from our online store is easy, convenient, and worthwhile.
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  • Made in Turkey: All our baby microfiber duvets are made in Turkey. They are made from high quality Turkey poly-cotton. The fillings, treading, and stitching are also of the international standard. 
  • Quilted Microfiber: The quilted microfibers of our duvets are soft, smooth and offer extra comfort to your baby. Microfiber is good for allergy sufferers as it is hypoallergenic. Unlike feather duvets, it can be machine washed regularly so easy to clean for dust mite allergy. 
  • Ensures High Hygiene: Our baby duvets are very hygienic. You do not have to worry about microbial growth in the microfibers. Breathable, not cause sweating: Our duvets are made from breathable, temperature adaptable material. Your baby will be protected from the cold and will not sweat in warm temperatures. 
  • Lightweight: You can purchase lightweight duvets that will be easy to handle and will not feel heavy when used to cover your baby. 
  • Washable: Our baby duvets are highly washable by machine wash.
  • 95x145 cm Baby Filling / Duvet: A single baby filling/duvet measures approximately 1 x 95 x 145 cm.

Wash max 40°C

When you machine wash your baby cot duvets, make sure the water temperature is NOT above 40°C. 

Do not bleach

Avoid using household or industrial bleach when washing your baby cot duvets. Bleach can wash off the colours, patterns, and designs on your duvet. 

Do not iron

The Turkish Touch baby cot duvets DO NOT require ironing. Ironing can damage the microfiber material, and fillings. 

Do not tumble dry

Sun dry your baby duvet after washing, DO NOT tumble dry.

Making payment for a baby cot duvet on The Turkish Touch is easy. To effect a payment, you should follow these steps; 

  • Step #1: Open an account: You can open an account on the Turkish Touch here. 
  • Step #2: Login to your account: After opening an account, you should login and begin shopping. 
  • Step #3: Shop for duvets: The Turkish Touch has an assortment of baby cot duvets. You can check out our baby duvets here. 
  • Step #4: Add to cart: Once you find a baby comforter you like, you can add the item to your online shopping cart. 
  • Step #5: Check out: Once you are done shopping, you can then check out and you will be directed to the secure payment portal on the site. 
  • Step #6: Make payment: You can make payment in United Arab Emirates Dirham, United States Dollars, Omani Rial, Qatari Rial or British Pound Sterling. Payment can also be made using your Amex, Apple Pay, MasterCard or Visa card. You can pay cash on delivery in UAE.

The Turkish Touch should be top on your list of online stores for buying baby cot duvets in Dubai, UAE for the following reasons; 

  • Affordable: Our baby cot duvets are very affordable. 
  • Payment options: You can buy duvets using at least four (4) payment options. 
  • Currency: We accept payment in five (5) different currencies. 
  • Fast delivery: Once you have made payment for your preferred baby duvets, we assure you of a fast delivery of your order(s). 
  • Return policy: We understand that there are instances where you may not be satisfied with what you buy. To this end, The Turkish Touch runs a return policy just in case the need arises.

The Turkish Touch offers high quality unisex baby cot duvets. Our duvets/fillings are lightweight, hypoallergenic, breathable, and very comfy. Made in Turkey using quilted microfibers, our duvets are highly breathable and offer excellent hygiene. 

In addition, our baby microfiber duvet and fillings are adaptable to room temperature. Your infant will sleep easy when covered with our baby cot duvet regardless of the temperature. Our duvets DO NOT cause sweating and they also protect your baby from cold temperatures.