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  • Пляжное платье из бамбука с вышивкой
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    189.00 AED
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    189.00 AED
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  • Льняное кимоно
    Hand-made linen kimono has red hand-made prints on collar and cuffs
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    259.00 AED
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    259.00 AED
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  • Бамбуковое кимоно
    Bamboo-cotton blend, light-weight, hand-made kimono
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    249.00 AED
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    249.00 AED
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  • Льняное кимоно
    Обычная цена
    299.00 AED
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    299.00 AED
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Часто задаваемые вопросы

Beach casual dresses are comfortable outfits that can be worn on hot, sunny days. Apart from the beach, you can also wear beach dresses to a spa, hammam, bathroom, or poolside.

Before you buy a beach dress, make sure that the clothing is;

  • lightweight,
  • soft,
  • breathable (i.e. it should not cause you to sweat),
  • non-fading, non-peeling, and non-shrinking,
  • hygienic,
  • highly absorbent,
  • quick drying, and
  • easy to wash by machine or hand.

The best material combination for a comfy and cozy beach dress is bamboo and cotton. Bamboo is a soft, breathable, hygienic fabric with antimicrobial qualities. Cotton is also soft, breathable, highly absorbent, and quick drying. Together these two fabrics will produce a beach dress that is lightweight, silky soft and very comfortable to wear.


You will know if crochet beach and crochet summer dresses are of good quality if they are made from high quality fabrics like bamboo and cotton. These fabrics offer the best qualities for beach wears because they are;


  • Lightweight,
  • Breathable, 
  • Ultra soft,
  • Comfy,
  • Cozy,
  • Highly absorbent,
  • Quick drying,
  • Trendy and fashionable, 
  • Easy to maintain,
  • Washable,
  • Non-shrinking,
  • Non-fading, and
  • Non-peeling materials.
The Turkish Touch is the best online store to buy your trendy, fashionable beach dress outfit. We offer a variety of handmade beach clothing products with great designs at affordable prices.

The quality of fabric, size, and artistic design can influence the price of a beach dress for women.

If you live in Dubai, UAE, you can buy casual beach dresses and beach kaftans from The Turkish Touch. We offer 100 cm long beach dresses that are ideal for visits to the beach, spa, outdoor pool, hammam, and bathroom.
You can buy discounted female beach dresses on our online store. For more information contact us today.
  • White: We offer white coloured beach casual dresses with attractive patterned designs. 
  • Pink: If pink is your favourite colour, you can buy a beach dress for women with a pink artistic design. 
  • Blue: We offer beach wear with a blue coloured pattern or a blue crochet design. 
  • Green: We have beach wears with a stylish teal green coloured pattern design.
  • Beach: Our beach dresses are perfect for lounging at the beach. 
  • Hammam: If you want to visit a hammam or Turkish bath, equip yourself with our lightweight, breathable, highly absorbent beach clothing.
  • Spa: You can take a visit to a spa today adorning one of our bamboo beach wears.
  • Pool: If you want to lounge by the poolside, you don't have to worry about getting soaking wet when you wear one of our high absorbent, quick drying beach dress outfits.  
  • Bathroom: Our beach clothing is highly absorbent making them perfect for wearing to your bathroom.
  • Home: You can relax at home wearing a lightweight, silky soft dress.
  • Made in Turkey: Our beach dressing outfits are made by hand in Turkey. 
  • Made of 70% Bamboo- 30% Cotton: Our beach dresses online are made from a blend of bamboo and cotton fabrics. Bamboo offers softness, absorbency, antibacterial qualities and when combined with cotton, you have a highly breathable, soft, hygienic, and very comfortable beach wear. 
  • OEKO-TEX Certified: Our beach wears are proven to be safe and free from harmful chemicals. All our beach outfits are certified by OEKO-TEX. 
  • Quick drying: The bamboo and cotton fabric of our beach wears dry quickly when washed. 
  • Light-weight, highly absorbent: Our beach clothing is lightweight and highly absorbent. 
  • Colors not fade, not peel: The handcrafted colour pattern designs on our beach dresses do not fade or peel after frequent washings. 
  • Chic & Fashionable: We make very attractive, trendy, and fashionable beach dress clothing. 
  • Ultra soft, get softer every wash: Each beach outfit we make is ultra soft and they only soften more with each wash. 
  • Ensures High Hygiene: The fabrics used in making our beach wears are hygienic with antimicrobial properties. 
  • Thin, breathable, not cause sweating: Each beach outfit we make is thin, and breathable. Our long beach dresses will not cause you to sweat even on hot, summer days.
  • 100 cm: We offer a 100 cm long beach cover up dress. This is also the size for our kimono dresses.

Wash max 40°C

Do not wash your beach casual dresses at a water temperature that is above 40°C.

Do not bleach

Do not wash your beach dress with chlorine-based bleaching solutions.

Low heat iron

Use only a low heat iron for your beach dress.

Do not dry clean

Never dry clean your beach wear.

Low heat tumble dry

Tumble dry on a low heat machine setting only.


Make can make payment for an order on The Turkish Touch today by doing the following; 

  • Open and login to your personal shopping account. 
  • Navigate our online store in any one of two different languages (i.e. Arabic or English). 
  • Add your chosen items to your shopping cart. 
  • Pay for cart items using any one of four (4) payment options, namely; Amex, Apple Pay, MasterCard and Visa card. 
  • Effect payment in any one of five (5) currency options.

You should buy your beach Sun dresses from us today if you want… 

  • Top quality, handmade, breathable, hygienic beach wears. 
  • To browse our site in either Arabic or English language. 
  • To make payment in a number of currencies, namely; United Arab Emirates Dirham, United States Dollars, Omani Rial, Qatari Rial, and British Pound Sterling. 
  • To use your Amex, Apple Pay, MasterCard or Visa card to effect payment. 
  • Tour order delivered to Dubai, UAE, GCC.

Our bamboo beach dress outfit is lightweight, soft, breathable, highly absorbent, and comes with antibacterial properties. This non-sweaty dress is ideal for the hot, summer climates. 

In addition, our handmade bamboo beach dresses are OEKO-TEX tested and certified to be free from potentially harmful toxins, and chemicals. We also deliver orders to Dubai, UAE, GCC and worldwide.