Коллекция: Постельное белье для девочек

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  • Органический комплект детского постельного белья Miss Luna
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    319.00 AED
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    319.00 AED
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  • Детское пуховое одеяло
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    95.00 AED
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    95.00 AED
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  • Комплект постельного белья Hayal (3 шт.)
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    289.00 AED
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    289.00 AED
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You can treat your female child to exclusive teen girl bedding sets from the stable of The Turkish Touch online store today. Our girl bedding sets come in attractive colours and decorative designs. We offer luxury bedding sets for all ages including toddlers and teen girls.

Your girl's bedding set is of good quality if it meets the following criteria; 

  • The bed sheet, duvet cover, and pillowcase should be made from high quality fabric. Turkish cotton is regarded as one of the best in the world. Our bedding sets are made from Turkish cotton fabric. 
  • The bedding set should be soft and cozy. It is important that you buy a bedding set that will not irritate your child's skin. Bedding sets that are supple, smooth, and soft to touch are made from high quality fabrics like the Turkish cotton. 
  • Your bedding set should be durable after numerous washes. This is another sign that your bedding set is of good quality. Our bed comforters for girls are durable over an extensive period of time. 
  • Good quality bedding sets do not fade or pill. The design patterns and colours on the bedding set should not fade or pill over time. This should be the case despite frequently washing the bedding set.
The Turkish Touch offers soft, cozy, and comfortable bedding sets for girls. Our bedding sets are made from premium quality Turkish cotton fabric. We have both organic and non-organic sets. Our bedding sets will not shrink, and the design colors do not fade or pill. They are breathable, and very comfortable.
The prices of girls bedding sets depend on the quality of material used and the size of the bedsheet, duvet cover, and even pillowcase.
You can buy single girls bedding sets in UAE, GCC and worldwide from The Turkish Touch online store. Our bedding sets include beautiful girls single bed sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases.
At The Turkish Touch, we offer pure, cotton girls bedding sets that you can buy online today at discounted prices. We offer up to 35% discount on luxury girls bedding sets like Miss Luna and Hayal.
  • Miss Luna: Miss Luna is a cool bedding set for teen girls. The set consists of a pillowcase, bedsheet, and duvet cover. Miss Luna comes with a blend of white and pink colors. 
  • Hayal: We offer beautiful beds for girls and our Hayal bedding set is a real beauty. This bedding set comes with a duvet cover, bedsheet, and a pillowcase to match.
  • Made in Turkey: Turkey has earned a reputation for producing some of the best kids bedding sets for girls. We offer fantastic craftsmanship with beautiful girl-theme designs and colors. 
  • Made of 100% Turkish Cotton: Whatever bedding set you choose to buy from us, you can be certain that they are made from 100% Turkish cotton. We never use synthetic fibers, cotton and polyester blend fabrics. Turkish cotton is a high-grade fabric with extra-long fibers. 
  • Very soft: Our bed covers for girls are extremely soft, silky smooth, and comfortable. 
  • Colors not fade, not pill, not shrink: You can wash your girls bed linen at any time without worrying about the design colors fading or peeling off. Also, our girls' bedding set will not shrink after washing. 
  • Ensures High Hygiene: Your toddler's skin is very sensitive and prone to irritation. Therefore you need little girl toddler bed sets that are made from hygienic and safe materials. 
  • Breathable, not cause sweating: Your girl child will always get a good night's sleep with our bedding set. All our toddler bedding sets for girls are made from breathable cotton material that do not promote sweating. 
  • Eco Friendly: Every one of our bedding sets are made from organic, pure, eco-friendly Turkish cotton.

Includes 3 pieces. 

  • 1 piece 160-220 cm duvet cover (Filling/Duvet is not included): Each bedding set comes with a 160 x 220 cm duvet cover with attractive, girlish designs and colours. 
  • 1 piece 180-240 cm bed sheet: Our bedding set includes a 160 x 240 cm bed sheet with matching design colours. 
  • 1 piece 50-70 cm pillowcase: A single pillowcase is included in each of our bedding sets. The size of the pillowcase is 50 x 70 cm which is ideal for your toddler or teen girl. 
  • Send with a luxurious special design gift box: Every bedding set you purchase is packaged in a luxurious special design gift box. Our bedding sets make for great gift items for relatives and good friends.

Wash max 40°C

Take care of your girls' nursery bedding sets by washing at a water temperature of below 40°C. 

Do not bleach

To prevent nasty discoloration of your bedding sets, do not wash with chlorine bleaching agent. 

Medium heat iron as needed

A medium heat iron is appropriate for your girls bedding. 

Do not dry clean

Dry cleaning your girls bedding set is not necessary. 

Low heat tumble dry

Use only low heat to tumble dry your bedding set.

Making payments on The Turkish Touch is easy. Here's how you can go about buying items on our site and paying for them. 

  • Open a shopping account on The Turkish Touch, 
  • Login to your personal account, 
  • Navigate the site in Arabic or English language and browse for bedding set products, 
  • Add products to your personal cart, 
  • Pay for cart items using your Amex, Apple Pay, MasterCard or Visa card, 
  • You can make payment in any of the United Arab Emirates Dirham, United States Dollars, Omani Rial, Qatari Rial, or British Pound Sterling.

You should place your order with us for the following reasons; 

  • We offer a high quality of girls bedding set products. Our site is user friendly with two language options (English and Arabic). 
  • We offer a secure payment platform with 128-bit SSL encryption technology protection. 
  • You can make payment in five different currencies, namely; United Arab Emirates Dirham, United States Dollars, Omani Rial, Qatari Rial, and British Pound Sterling. 
  • Payment can be made using different payment options, such as; Amex, Apple Pay, MasterCard and Visa card. 
  • We will deliver your order in a fast, discreet, and secure way. 
  • We also deliver to all UAE, GCC and worldwide.

For your luxurious teen girls bedding sets and toddler bedding sets, visit The Turkish Touch online store or our showroom in Dubai today. We make our products in Turkey and all bedding sets are made from high quality Turkish cotton fabric. 

Each set comes with a duvet cover, bedsheet, and matching pillowcase. Our girls bedding sets come in colorful, attractive designs to beautify your child's bed and room. We provide breathable, soft, cozy, hygienic, and durable bedding sets. You can pay for products using a variety of methods and we deliver orders to Dubai and environs.