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  • Short Bamboo Kimono
    Bamboo-cotton blend, light-weight, hand-made kimono
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  • Short Linen Kimono
    Hand-made linen kimono has red hand-made prints on collar and cuffs
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  • Long Linen Kimono
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Frequently Asked Questions

Loosen up a bit with a casual kimono dress. You can visit your favourite spa, beach, outdoor pool or hammam wearing an ethnic kimono. Our kimonos are lightweight, breathable, soft, hygienic, attractive, and very comfortable.
Kimono is an ancient, traditional, customary Japanese outfit. At first glance, a kimono looks like a bathrobe. It is a long flowing front-wrapped garment with long square cuffed sleeves.
While kimono was originally a traditional outfit worn on special occasions in Japan, today kimono style robes serve a more casual purpose. Ladies can wear a kimono top on jeans and skirts. Also, kimonos can be worn to beaches, spas, outdoor pools, and Turkish baths.
Traditional kimono was worn with accessories like tabi socks and zōri sandals. However, female kimonos can be worn with jeans, skirts, shorts, canvas, tennis shoes, and so on.

Before you buy a kimono, you need to know if… 

  • the fabric is handmade and lightweight, 
  • the dress is soft to touch, 
  • it is made from breathable, 
  • non-sweat material, 
  • the dress is chic and fashionable, 
  • it comes in attractive coloured pattern designs, 
  • the dress can be worn indoors after a morning shower to relax on sofa, 
  • the dress can be worn outdoors like to the beach, spa, or hammam, 
  • the dress comes with a unisex design or if it is best suited for female users, 
  • it will fade or peel when washed, 
  • the dress is highly absorbent and dries quickly when wet, 
  • it is a cheap or expensive kimono.
The best materials for a luxury kimono is a blend of Turkish cotton and bamboo or linen. These combinations produce a highly absorbent, quick drying, breathable, chic and fashionable kimono fabric.
Good quality wood block printing, handmade kimonos DO NOT fade or peel when washed severally. These kimonos are made from breathable, high absorbent fabric that dry quickly and do not shrink after washing.
If you want to buy top quality cotton-linen and cotton-bamboo kimonos, visit The Turkish Touch online store today.
Kimono price is often determined by the materials used, the manufacturing process, the design and size. Handmade kimonos made from highly breathable, soft, hygienic, and comfortable materials are known to be more expensive than machine produced kimono knockoffs.
If you are resident in Dubai, UAE, you can buy casual kimono outfits from our online store. You can choose from our fashionable Bamboo or Linen kimono dresses.
We offer bulk discounts for male and female kimono wear on our online store. Contact us now to find out more.
  • Blue: We have kimonos with intricate navy and deep blue artwork. 
  • Red: You can get a kimono design with a red coloured artistic impression. 
  • Sky Blue: If sky blue is your favourite colour, we offer design patterns with this bright, delightful colour. 
  • Teal Green: You can get a kimono robe in teal green patterned designs. 
  • Salmon Red: Salmon red artistic designs tend to brighten our kimono and make them really standout. 
  • Chain-Blue: Chain-Blue is the combination of chain pattern in blue color that is loved by females, we have kimono clothing with designs in this awesome colour. 
  • Geometric-Blue: Our geometric-blue design kimono outfits are very attractive and in high demand.
  • Beach: You can take a trip to the beach with family and friends in your beach kimono today. 
  • Hammam: Turkish baths are relaxing and therapeutic. You wouldn't look out of place wearing your kimono dress in a hammam. 
  • Spa: A spa is also a great place to go wearing a kimono, you are sure to meet other people adorning their kimono as well. 
  • Pool: Outdoor or indoor pools are great spots to wear kimono. You don't have to worry about getting soaked, as our kimonos are highly absorbent and quick drying. 
  • Bathroom: You can wear a kimono like a bathrobe if you like. Our kimonos are lightweight and dry quickly when wet. 
  • Home: If you are pondering on what to wear as you relax at home, a kimono is probably your best choice. Our kimonos are made from soft, breathable material that will not cause you to sweat as you chill out at home.
  • Made in Turkey: All our kimonos are made by highly skilled local female artisans in Turkey. When you purchase one of these unique kimonos you support ancient wood-block printing art and women artisans in Turkey. 
  • Made of Cotton- Linen and Bamboo-Cotton: We combine Turkish cotton and linen or bamboo to produce some of the finest cotton kimonos around. 
  • Hand-made: These kimonos are hand made with ancient wood-block printing method by local women artisans in Turkey. This art is protected by UNESCO as world heritage. 
  • Light-weight, highly absorbent: Wearing our kimono will make you feel almost naked, as they are free-flowing and lightweight. What's more, our kimonos have a high absorbent quality which prevents them from being soaked by water. 
  • Colors not fade, not peel: The coloured pattern designs on our kimonos will not fade or peel when washed. They are made by OEKO-TEX certified dyes. 
  • Chic & Fashionable: We offer very attractive, chic, and fashionable casual kimono 
  • Ultra soft, get softer every wash: Our kimonos get softer with each wash. This means they become even more comfortable than before. 
  • Ensures High Hygiene: You can be sure that our kimonos are very hygienic and will not serve as breeding ground for microorganisms. 
  • Thin, breathable, not cause sweating: Every kimono in our collection is made from thin, breathable, and very comfortable fabric that will not cause you to sweat. 
  • Standard by 100 OEKO-TEX certified-tested against over 350 harmful substances: Our kimonos have been certified by OEKO-TEX and proven to be resistant to over 350 harmful substances.
  • One size: Our kimono dress comes in only one size with a length of 100 cm.

Wash max 40°C 

Make sure the water temperature you use in washing your kimono is not over 40°C. 

Do not bleach

Do not use chlorine-based bleaching agents when washing your kimono fabric. 

Low heat iron 

A low heat iron is ideal for your kimono. 

Do not dry clean

Avoid dry cleaning your kimono dress. 

Low heat tumble dry

Tumble dry your kimono in low heat only.

Making payments on our online store is very easy. But before you can make payment, you need to open a personal shopping account then login to your account. You can then shop in Arabic or English language and add items to your cart. 

We offer different payment methods to make your shopping experience a pleasant one. You can pay using Amex, Apple Pay, MasterCard or Visa card. Payment for the items in your cart can be made in United Arab Emirates Dirham, United States Dollars, Omani Rial, Qatari Rial, and British Pound Sterling.

The Turkish Touch is the best online store for shopping and placing orders for the following reasons; 

  • We have a variety of unisex linen kimono outfits to choose from. 
  • Our kimono wears are handcrafted by highly skilled female artisans in Turkey. 
  • Each kimono comes with attractive coloured pattern designs. 
  • Our kimonos are ideal for wearing to the beach, spa, hammam, pool, bathroom and at home. 
  • You can shop online in either Arabic or English language. 
  • We offer a variety of payment options for easy, convenient online shopping. 
  • You can pay for kimonos in any one of five (5) currencies. 
  • You can buy kimonos in Dubai, UAE, GCC and worldwide. 
  • You can be sure that all your orders will be delivered discreetly and fast. 
  • We have an easy return policy.

For the best kimonos online visit The Turkish Touch today. We offer uniquely designed kimonos handmade by highly skilled women artisans in Turkey. Each kimono you buy from us is made from a combination of Turkish cotton and linen or bamboo fabrics. 

Our kimono fabric is soft, lightweight, breathable, highly absorbent, and fast drying. The colour patterns on our kimonos will not fade or peel despite frequent washings. Our online store is easy to navigate and we offer a highly secure payment portal. 

We will deliver your order as fast as possible and discreetly. You can place your order from Dubai, UAE, and we also deliver to other cities in the region.